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Submit any or all of your anime, manga originals or fan arts! (:
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Dec 21, 2011


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Art Collection

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Digital and Traditional

7,865 Members
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Hello guys, im looking for new ppl to help me and panako, the last ones, sorry to say but didnt do much, im sorry, but i need new mods, ppl that actually have FREE TIME i cant be here as much because my laptop is dead and my dad doesnt let me use hes, understandable, i dont wanna use it either.

I need someone that:

has free time
has experience
knows how to work as a team
know the group submission rules

really im not going to acept someone that says, "id like to join but never worked in a group" im sorry i gave chances and regreted please if you are new and does not how things work here, plz dont apply.
For others that know how to work, plz send me a note if you think you fill the part.

Thanks for time to read this blog
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To be an affiliate of this group there must be a minimum of 50 members within the group that wishes to affiliate with us.








The rules

Hello everyone! As you noticed there are a few changes in the groups, hopefully for the better! Although I see that some of you either still don't understand, OR dunno where you submit, maybe some random folder? I dunno, we have the rules in English so that everybody understands, it's a global language after all, BUT if you don't speak English, pls come to me and I'll translate you, from french and Spanish (: Okay so here are the rules and the new folders:

:bulletwhite: Feature- We are the ones that select the deviations to be in this folder, you ARE NOT allowed to submit here

:bulletorange: OC Fanart and Anime Fanart- All fanart works go here, including group pics, for example: NarutoxSakura or SasukeXNaruto, everything published goes here ALSO the characters created by another deviant

:bulletwhite: Fan Character- Lots of you still don't understand this folder, it's quite simple actually, what's a fan character? Simple you OC created for already made series, like pokemon, naruto, onepiece, bleach, that's a fan character, I hope it's clear now.
Also Couples with OCs like NarutoxOC, or IchigoXOC even RukiaxOC

:bulletorange: Original ONE Female- As the name says ONE female character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletwhite: Original ONE Male- As the name says ONE male character created by YOU 100% yours and NOT based on a series like a fan character

:bulletorange: Group Shots- As the name says, here goes ALL your ORIGINAL Characters as a group, imagine all the characters you have created, couples, your OC and a friends OC as long it has ONE OC that belongs to you NOT fan characters

:bulletwhite: Chibis: Everything that is CHIBI goes here, included Fanart

:bulletorange: Collaborations (or collabs): Works that you made with someone else go here, like you colored a lineart of someone and vice versa

:bulletwhite: Animals: All animals that are drawn in anime style go here

:bulletorange: Gifs: All animated work, such a eye blinking or a character running, no matter what style, chibi or normal, go here

:bulletwhite: 3D- All works that are 3- dimensional go here as the title says :3

:bulletorange: Comics and fanfics: All comics, manga, fanfics, doujinshis go here (literature also goes here as long it has to do with a manga story)

:bulletwhite:Character Summaries/References- Character profiles even the fan character profiles and memes go to this folder

:bulletorange: Mature and Ecchi- You know....all the mature content and pantie shots go to this folder

:bulletwhite: Cosplay- Photos of you dressed as an anime or original character go here

:bulletorange: Tutorials- All the how to (as long is anime/manga) drawing or animate go here

:bulletwhite: B/W, Sketchs and Lineart- All works that are lineart, sketchs (wips) and monochrome, meaning all blues or grayscale go here

:bulletorange: AMOC Mascot: Here goes all the fanart of our lovelly mascot


:bulletred: STAMPS
:bulletred: TRACED WORKS (this include bases, but you can used a based one, like you used one to create your own art)
:bulletred: CRAFTS
:bulletred: AVATARS
:bulletred: Images NOT CREATED BY YOU (this seems so obvious that was never posted here before until someone actually pointed it out)

:bulletwhite: In the event of an art theft, the user that has performed the theft will be removed and blocked from the group as well as their illegal submission. The group admins will also verify that the artwork has in fact been stolen so if you are blocked there are no ifs, ands or buts about the situation. It is also likely that you will be reported to deviantART as well.

:bulletorange: I hope this is clear for you now, I think this are simpler then ever, we just ask you to be more careful to where you submit, it will help us and also you, Thanks for reading

Please see Group Info for the guidelines as to which folder you should be submitting to.

Go back up! ⊙ω⊙


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Why was my picture declined? 
Snowbelle Admires

I submitted it to the OC fanart and Fanart folder because she is my priest from a MMO called tera, and technically a fan art OC. 
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May I ask why my submission (I Am Kira) was declined?
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                   Draw ''Baby'' Art Contest~!
                  She is our cute group mascot! :D
                        Tiny Heart by socksyy Tiny Heart by socksyy
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                         .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu Thank you~! .:pink little heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
crayolacookie Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015   Digital Artist
lol this is probably a long shot but do you remember wat image your icon is from id love to see the whole thing it looks beautiful
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Thx for accepting me :3
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Quick question! I did a contest entry and I drew her OC with a character from a show. Can I still submit it here?
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Thank you so much for accepting !!
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If anyone promotes him/her self again i will flag you as spamers!Make a journal and submit to the group, thank you
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sora22302 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Student Writer
Sorry for this...Okay, so I have several characters that were adopted. While their design was not made by me, their entire character, personality, and back story was. However, according to the group rules OC's have to be 100% made by us. So what folder do they go to, if they are neither a fan character, but not 100% made by me?

On that account, I also have two OC's that were adopted, but while they have their own original stories, I use them in a few fandoms as well(same characters, same personality, just with a twist to the background to make them fit that plotline), so does art of them go in fan character's? Or maybe if adopted characters can still be OC's, do I submit the non fandom art to OC, and the art that includes the fandoms in the FC folder?

Sorry for the long questions, I just want to clarify before I submit anything.
Harumikoto Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist…

Please kindly visit and vote :) (Smile) It's in my native language though XD If you find that you're in the same nationality as me, please d visit and vote teehee... The scale is between 1 to 5 stars. If you're not in the same nationality as mine, you still could visit the web, as I have two stories written in English (Mikoto and Peter Pan no Monogatari; and Breaking Up With You).

The competition is held by the biggest publisher in my country. If I'm chosen as one of 10 top and lucky writers, the editors will put me under their wings. And I will get an opportunity to publish my novel under their publishing! Cool huh? SO PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE? My DA Buddies? Please help me >_<

If you think you can't vote without knowing the story for sure, here I give you some quick glimpse of it:


At the day of graduation, Rie sincerely expressed her feelings towards Asou Senpai, her senior in Art Club of Hoshigaki Gakuen. Rie drew her Senpai in manga style then gave it to him. Unexpectedly, her known kind Senpai coldly rejected the present, saying that he hated anything related to otaku culture. The worst was, her Senpai rejected her in front of public! And those who had kept their envy towards Rie and her closeness to Asou, shouted their loathes to her, total out loud.

This totally broke Rie's fragile heart. She went down to depression and stopped going to school for almost 1 year. Her parents then make Rie enrolled into John Robert Power Personality School, and it really helped her improving herself! One year later that timid and introverted girl had already changed into a high-pride and spirit girl.

She then moved school into Shinayama Gakuen in another prefecture where she hoped to begin her brand new glorious school days. However, she was then trapped in the middle of conflict between Otaku House Club and Student Council Organization. The student council wanted to shut down the club that didn't show any progress and productivity, and one of them is Otaku Club!

Rie was forced (conditionally) to help the Otaku Club to gain approval from school. Meanwhile, Rie was trying hard to hide her "dark past" of being an otaku and hikikomori. Days by days, she then found that all members of Otaku Club had complex life backgrounds and became more sympathetic of them. As she felt that she once in the same ship with them. How did Rie could help Otaku Club prove themselves against the world?

Rie had to make herself getting along with those eccentrics members of the club to get their acts together. Here were those challenging boys of Otaku Club:

Asahina Yue, the devoted butler to a boy named Liu Shan. Yue showed his disapproval towards Rie since the very beginning of their encounter. He dedicated his life to "his Master", Liu Shan, and would do anything to guarantee his master's happiness. Asahina was good in setting stage special effect solely for his master's act.

Liu Shan Ji An, the ultimate beautiful cross-dresser boy. Liu was apparently the descendant of a royal family who once become the secret supporter of Shirou Amakusa's Rebellion (still checking the history book anyway). He was a half-breed. His mother is from Austria, while his father is from China. He really liked to cross-dress as some anime girls characters and would switched his real personality according to the costume he wore. 

Nobuyoshi Fei, The Yankee Bucchou. He was the leader of Otaku Club House who seemed didn't pay too much attention towards the crisis in the club. He was a genius and a top student in Shinamaya. Thus the teachers let him fooling around, missing the class and spending most of his time watching animes in the club.

His specialty was making simple animation video and AMV (Animation Movie Video). He was a fan of Dissidia games and would always seen lazying around, playing them in his PSP.

Shirou Rufi. I haven't posted his picture here. Rufi was an albino, so he had snow-colored hair. Rufi was a talented writer who once got his novel published when he was only in junior high school. The novel won many awards. Those who envied him saying that it was only his one hit wonder luck, and accused him for plagiarism. In fact, Rufi couldn't finish and publish other novels after that, due to piling up stresses. 

Rufi suffered a rare disease named "Narcolepsy", the reason why he often went collapse whenever he was in the peak of his emotion. Be it positive or negative emotion. 

Sorry if it's too long. Thanks for :iconaiko-hirocho: who let me to post it here XD
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